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BBQ Chicken Pizza

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 Earlier in the week, I showed off the homemade BBQ sauce we make. There are so many things that we make with this sauce, that we end up having to make BBQ sauce at least twice a month. As many things that we have made with it, one of our favorite dinners is BBQ chicken pizza, of course with the homemade BBQ sauce, and to top it off, I even make the pizza dough as well.

I don't know why, but I used to be really afraid of using yeast. It was one of my downfalls with baking (and there are certainly many). I wouldn't dare to venture into making breads because I had to use the dreaded yeast. Before, we would make this pizza, just with a pre-made dough instead. When I finally got the courage to buy some yeast, and take a leap of faith with using it, I knew I had to make sure it was an easy recipe for my first bread making experience. Turns out, yeast is nothing to be afraid of, and especially with the way this one is made. The pizza dough is whole wheat flour, mixed with plain flour. Don't be turned off by seeing whole wheat (wholemeal in British baking), because this dough really adds something special to the overall taste of the pizza. Lets take a look at the dough, and then Ill show you how we make our BBQ chicken pizza.

 Our lineup: wholemeal flour, plain flour, salt, sugar, one yeast packet, hot water and olive oil.

 Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl,

 And the water and oil in a separate bowl. Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients using a whisk, mixing until combined. Add more water if the dough is too dry. Note: The recipe that I used said to mix in a food processor, but this girl doesn't have one (trust me its on my wish list, next to a stand mixer and a house. I promise I'm not high maintenance), so mixing by hand had to do the job.

 Once the dough is fully combined, take to a table covered with some flour and knead the dough for about five minutes. Again, the food processor will do this for you, if you have one. Otherwise, your arm strength will do the job. When you are done kneading, cover with a damp towel, or just some cling wrap sprayed with non stick spray and wrap around the dough. Let sit for 20 minutes in a warm environment to rise. That's all for the dough my friends! Super easy pizza dough, and you are ready to roll, and make your pizza!

 Make sure you have a well floured surface, and put some flour on a rolling pin, and roll the dough out to desired size.
 Handy tip for putting the rolled dough onto the pizza tray. Lightly roll up the dough over the pin, and then unroll it right onto the pan.

 Pizza dough done! Now onto making the pizza. Take the homemade barbecue sauce I showed you earlier in the week, and add desired amount to the base of the pizza.

 Top with mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheese, or a combination of any of these four cheeses. We use whatever cheeses we have on hand (as long as we have mozzarella cheese- cant make pizza without that can you?)

 Add some chopped onion. We love the taste of red onion on this pizza, but we didn't have any for this one, so brown onion is what we used. This color onion doesn't do much for the color of the pizza, but in a pinch, it works.

 Earlier in the stage of preparation, you are going to want to cook some diced chicken. Don't wait until this stage. It will take a while and you will be sad, and your tummy will be hungry. It will yell at you. Use breast or thighs, whichever suits you best, and flavor with whatever seasonings you would like. In case you are interested though, we season ours with salt, pepper, and garlic, and once the chicken is at the end of cooking, we coat it with a little barbecue sauce.

 Add to top off the pizza, sprinkle on some extra cheese, and to  punch up the presentation, drizzle on some more barbecue on the top.

 Bake in the oven at 230C, or about 450F for around 15-20 minutes, or until done and crispy on top. It just doesn't taste as good without the crisps.

And most importantly, enjoy!

Wholemeal Pizza Dough: Here is the original recipe from Eating Well
-3/4 cup wholemeal flour
-3/4 plain flour
-1 pkg yeast
-3/4 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp sugar
-1/2-2/3 cup really hot water
-2 tsp olive oil

- Add all of the dry ingredients to a bowl or food processor. Slowly add the wet ingredients, mixing well as you add, until fully combined. If too dry, add more water, and if too wet, add more flour.
-If using food processor, continue to pulse until well kneaded. If using hands, transfer to a well floured surface to knead the dough with your hands for five minutes.
-Cover dough with cling wrap that has been sprayed with non stick spray, or a damp towel, and leave to rise for 20 minutes.

BBQ Chicken Pizza:
-wholemeal pizza dough
-1/4 cup BBQ Sauce (or another desired amount), plus extra for chicken and top of pizza
-1 1/2 cup mix of cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, Gruyere (make your own combo)
-1/4 cup chopped red or brown onion
-2 chicken thighs or 1 chicken breast, chopped and cooked, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic

-Roll out the pizza dough on a well floured surface and add to a pizza stone or pan.
-Add barbecue sauce to dough, spreading around well
-Cover with cheeses, onion and chicken
-Top with a little extra cheese and barbecue sauce
-Bake in preheated oven at 230C/450F for 15-20 minutes, until done and crispy.
-Eat and enjoy.

Here is the printable recipe. Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon.

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  1. I love the clean look of the new site. Pink's not bad either. The blog you follow are missing though. I also love the recipe index addition. Nice job on the facelift!

    1. Thanks for pointing out the blogs being gone. Not sure what happened there, but I put them back up. Hopefully it will stay this time. Thank you. Glad you like the new look! :)

  2. Amazing post baby!! I love this recipe so much. It is seriously making me hungry right now! I can't wait until we make it again!

  3. Yummay!! Looks so tasty, will have to try it soon :) love that mat thing you rolled your pizza dough on, so cool!

    I'm looking at the blog on my phone and it looks great from here :)

  4. Drool! This looks amazing! Pizza is by far my ulti fave!

  5. I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for sharing!


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