Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ice Cream for the Chocolate Lovers

If you dream of chocolate every minute of the day, and can't have ice cream unless it's chocolate with chocolate chunks, then you are in for a big treat here! Even if that isnt you, but you love ice cream, this is certainly the place you want to be right now. I have an even bigger surprise for you... this ice cream was made without an ice cream maker!!! Can you even comprehend that??? I know I couldnt before I saw this post. I was reading my sweet friend and fellow food blogger Heidi's blog about her homemade ChocMint ice cream without an ice cream maker, and I knew that I had to explore this new possibility! I must admit (sorry Heidi!), I'm not much of a mint fan, and particularly not the combination of chocolate and mint, so I knew that wasnt going to happen. I also have two major chocolate lovers at home (my husband and I), so that was the direction I went. I must have made this recipe like the day after I read Heidi's post, and that ice cream was literally gone before I could take pictures of it! So what is a girl to do?!?! I just had to make a second batch - for photo sakes of course! No other reason. Nope. Not one.

Let me tell you, this ice cream is the easiest ice cream to make! And it doesnt get any better than not even needing an ice cream maker! You only need 4 ingredients too! So so easy!!! You need to start out with some heavy whipping cream, or other cream that can be whipped.

I must confess something to you guys. I whipped this mostly with my hand mixer (oh how I dream of the day I get a stand mixer!), and then finished off with the whisk, just to make sure I didn't miss any cream. Phew!!! I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

Once you have the cream fully whipped up, you just fold in the rest of the ingredients! Start out with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Fold it into the cream in batches. I'm not sure if it would work dumping it all in at once, but I wanted to be on the safe side, so I did it in batches. Here is what it will look like once it is fully incorporated.

Now here is where I veered off from Heidi's ice cream. I folded in 1/4 cup of sifted cocoa powder, 1 Tbsp melted chocolate (to give it an extra boost of richness), and a bar of good quality chocolate chopped up.

And that's it kids! From here it needs to go into a freezer-safe container to be stored (in the freezer of course), and stirred every 45 minutes until it is frozen. But, I have one more thing to confess... I didn't stir either batch every 45 minutes. I only did it when I remembered, and probably a total of 3-4 times, and it worked just fine!

This is seriously the creamiest ice cream you will ever eat! It starts to melt pretty quickly once out of the freezer, but who eats ice cream slow anyway??? It will be gone in seconds! You need to give this recipe a try. Seriously. You wont be disappointed. And it is totally adaptable to the ingredients you like or don't like. Give it a try with your favorite ice cream ingredients! I think the next flavor I will try to make (if my husband allows me to have something other than chocolate) will be salted caramel, because, lately I cant get enough of that stuff! If you are looking to make some ChocMint ice cream, head on over to Bits of Sunshine to see her recipe. Say hi to her for me :)

Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks | Printable Recipe

-300g/1 cup + 1 Tbsp cream/heavy whipping cream
-One 400g/14oz can sweetened condensed milk
-1/4 cup sifted cocoa powder
-One 150g/5oz bar good quality chocolate, roughly chopped
-Extra chocolate from bar to make about 1 Tbsp melted chocolate (can also use chocolate chips)

-Using a stand or hand mixer, whip cream until it holds stiff peaks, about 5 minutes.
-Fold in condensed milk in batches until fully incorporated
-Fold in cocoa powder and melted chocolate
-Fold in chocolate chunks
-Freeze in a freezer-safe dish and stir every 45 minutes to break up the ice.
-Serve with an ice cold glass of milk and enjoy!

Adapted from Bits of Sunshine

So tell me what flavor of ice cream you are dying to make!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! When you said you had made a chocolate version I couldnt wait to see it! So awesome!!!! I cant wait to make this!!!! Stunning photos too! <3

  2. Heidi, I must agree these photos are absolutely stunning! And even though I'm not a real chocolate ice cream fan, it looks amazing, but might have to try it in a cookie dough format. I am in awe how each of your posts just reel me in more and more! I think I am your second biggest fan, behind Matty of course!

    1. Thank you mama! You are so sweet! I know you are one of my biggest fans :) I just wish you could be closer to eat my food more often! I would love to try this in cookie dough format!!!!

  3. you and heidi are making my ice-cream cravings serious!! i have a tiny tiny freezer which has shop ice-cream in at the mo (ew) so need to get eating it fast so i can make the choc version!!!

    1. Hazel, I know the feeling!!!! Haha I have a tiny freezer too! We need to eat some stuff up first too! Im telling you, once you go homemade, you'll never be able to go back to store bought! Beware!!! ;)

  4. I think it's about time for more of this ;) I love you!

    1. Haha I was thinking that too honey. There is no room in the freezer yet. We need to eat some frozen veggies so we can put ice cream in there! ;)


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