Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Thoughts This Week...

I am getting prepared for something kind of big later this week for the blog, so I thought before we get there, I would share some things that I have on my plate and on my mind this week. Things I am thinking, doing, favoriting, Instagramming, etc. I hope you find this post enjoyful and not just ranting, venting or just plain crazy :)

This past week, it has really started to sink in that we are leaving this beautiful country that we have called home for the last almost two years. We leave in just under seven weeks. Seven weeks. That's three and a half fortnights; 46 days (I may have counted that wrong...); less than two months.

Whoa. If you can imagine, my brain feels like it wants to explode! Over the last two years - despite the fact that we said we wouldn't do this - we have somehow accumulated enough stuff to keep an army clothed, warm and wonderfully entertained (not to mention cooked for)! On top of all of this, all of the airlines of the world have decided that it would be more exciting to charge triple the amount they were last year for extra baggage. Yep, we are feeling the love!

In lieu of this information, we have been trying to sell off our extra stuff. This includes things that we really don't want to sell too, such as the cookbooks I have grown quite attached to.

This has been the most painful process. I do have to admit, when we moved here, we completely limited our life down to two 50lb suitcases each, and that really felt good. Its nice to know what you can absolutely live without when it comes down to reality. That being said, I wasn't a foodie before we moved here. There are a lot more things I cannot live without these days. Even though I know it will be very easy to find some of the cookbooks I own when I get back home, it is painful to want to give them up. Am I the only one who gets this attached? Its okay to tell my if I am. I wont hate you. 

Last point on my inevitable brain explosion: there is so much to do in these next seven weeks! I mean have you seen my to-do list?!? I posted this one on Instagram. I am sure there are more things to add to it as well! Oh boy.

Even though the front half of my post is focused on my brain rant, I would like to focus the rest of this post on what I am loving right now and the things I am most looking forward to when we get home. 

I posted this picture on Instagram a couple weeks back of my Rainbow Cake. I didn't get a chance to get really good pictures of it, and its not a full rainbow cake, yet I have 50 something likes on the picture. That's the most Ive gotten. I really do feel the love on this. Thank you all.

Along the same lines, in terms of cakes and Instagram, I also posted this one. I did this one the same week as the rainbow cake. This beautiful cake decorating technique was all started by the wonderfully amazing Amanda of I Am Baker. A few things I would like to say about the cake and Amanda. First off, this was the first time I did this cake. I made a different frosting than her recipe called for, and I will either use hers next time, or just play around with the frosting I used. It was a little bit too stiff, but overall, I was very happy with the outcome! And I definitely will be practicing this more, because I was asked by my sister-in-law to make it for her baby shower! I am going to be an aunt! I am so excited about this news, and even more excited (well maybe not more excited but still...) that she wants me to do her cake for her! Love you Justin and Gina and baby W!!!!

Second note is about Amanda. She is such an amazing baker and child of God. She is hosting a give-back event called Desserts for the Deserving, where you nominate someone you feel is deserving of some baked goods, then she opened it up to bakers all over the world to bake some treats for these people and send them to the nominees. How amazing is that?!? She even has the world famous Bakerella in on it! Can you imagine not expecting anything, then one day getting some beautifully baked treats from Bakerella?!? All I have to say is WOW! I think the nominations are closed now, but you should check out both Amanda and Angie (Bakerella) anyway. Such beautiful and amazing people!

Just a few more thoughts and Ill excuse class for the day.

I am most looking forward to these faces when we get back home. With this many people, you can't expect a perfect face on everyone. I hope you all will forgive me for this one day :) We cant wait to see you guys in seven weeks.

I can't wait to get settled down and finally be able to buy and use a new KitchenAid stand mixer. Preferably in this color. I know my life will be better with one of these in it.

I miss Target and I cant wait to shop there again. My life will be fulfilled once again.

I cant wait to eat food like this, this, and this (I suppose that one is more drinks, but that wouldn't have gotten my point across the same).

And lastly, I have been slightly cupcake obsessed lately, and it isn't going to be ending this week anyway. I have been baking and piping, and so has Heidi. Come back later this week, as well as popping over to her blog, Bits of Sunshine, and you might find a fun surprise in it for you!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

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  1. Love this blog. Lots of pictures, brings tears to my eyes. Love you and miss you and can't wait to see you so very soon, but not soon enough. Don't stress you are an organizer and you will have this done and done well before leaving on your vacation to Aussie and then home. Love you so!

  2. I love making lists!! helps so much! can't wait til you're back in the states :) :)

    1. I know! Lists make my life better! Although this list kind of overwhelmed me more! :)

  3. What a wonderful post honey! I love reading these and just feeling you in each and every one! I'm so excited to go too, and don't stress to much. We've got this. And you've got me and were going to do this together. Amazing post baby!

  4. Hello je vient de découvrir ton blog et je suis ravie, il est pleins d'émotions et d'amour, bonne chance a vous dans votre nouvelle vie , bizou Kiline from France


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