Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bear With Me...

Please forgive me for my absence these past few days. I promise I am still alive; it has just been a pretty wild ride this last week. It is really a long story, so instead, I will just jump straight to the point. We have 5 days to be out of our apartment from today. I know! It is IN. SANE. Monday is when we have to be out of the apartment (it's all good, nothing bad), then Tuesday we are off to Sydney, AU for 4 days, back to New Zealand for 24 hours, then we are flying to the USA on the 22nd! We decided to change our flight from the 27th to the 22nd, since we wont have a place to live anyway!

We are going home 5 days sooner than we originally thought! Can you say stoked?!? Yes, yes we are.

I had every intention to make some cupcakes and have them posted earlier this week for a couple of reasons:
  1. July 10th is my husband and my 2 year wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to us!!! We really know how to celebrate anniversaries - 1st one in Coramandel, New Zealand (picture above), and 2nd will be celebrated in Sydney, AU next week... how will be top that next year?!?
  2. July 12th is Heidi's birthday! Happy Birthday Heidi! I'm sorry I didn't bake anything for you! I really wanted to!!!
I wanted it to be a combined post saying Happy Anniversary to us, and Happy Birthday to Heidi (and we have tons of other friends with birthdays this week too! Happy Birthday Erik, Kristi, and any others I missed!), so that was the plan, until we were stopped in our tracks with the news of leaving early. Suddenly, so little time to get so much done!

Surprisingly, I found time earlier in the week to make my Fresh Friday post (inspired by one of Julie from Table for Two's recipes) so make sure to pop back by tomorrow to check that one out (cross your fingers with me that I find the time to write that post)!

Thank you all for your patience with me these next few weeks. I will be back tomorrow with my Fresh Friday post. If you haven't seen the past Fresh Friday posts, here is a look at them:
  1. Bruschetta
  2. Vegetarian Sandwich
  3. Lox & Avocado Cream Cheese (this has been a popular one!)
I have a guest post lined up for the beginning of the week next week, then Ill be back again for Fresh Friday at the end of the week, and the following week, I will be sharing with you my Sydney adventures. I can't wait to share those! Thank you for bearing with me! I really appreciate it!

I just wanted to leave you with a couple things I have been loving this week (other than being DONE with this week...):
  1. These donuts! I cant wait to visit this girl and have her make them for me ;) Thanks Julie!
  2. Pinterest! I mean who isn't loving it?!? Have you seen my boards? I have been on a crafty craze lately. I guess the prospect of going home is getting me excited ;)
  3. This Caramel Sauce. Ok, I promise I'm not trying to link up my friends; it's just the things I have seen and drooled over this week. It's been limited since I haven't had time to browse the web too much lately.
  4. Last one: Ice Cream. It may be freezing in the lower half of the world, but I just keep seeing ice cream, and I cant wait to be in warm weather and eating ice cream daily. Don't judge. But if you check here, you may just see a pretty awesome giveaway. I entered. You should too :) The rest of her site is great too. One of my faves!
Thanks guys! See you tomorrow for Fresh Friday!!!

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  1. I totally feel with you. We moved out of our house on Sunday and are staying in a guesthouse until we can move on to Malaysia on Tuesday. A little stressful but exciting :) All the best for your moving, traveling and going home <3

  2. What busy busy times. Let me know if you need a brace to stop your head from spinning in circles. ☺ Happy Anniversary C, I hope you have 88 more wonderful ones ahead.
    I have to say I am seriously adding Coramandel to my bucket list, that exact cliff even. How enchanting!! A whole storyline could be written around that.

    I can't wait to hear more about your time in NZ. I would love to experience it, even for a year. If fact I would love to live each of the rest of the years of my life in a different country. Oh how joyous!!

    Safe packing and travels.

  3. Let the insanity, relaxation and moving begin! Sounds like you have some friends feeling for you. Wish we could help, but will be so glad to have you home again. Love the picture of Coremandel and so many of you other NZ pics as well. Am excited to hear about the AU adventures.

  4. Thank you so much my sweet friend! I am so lucky to have a friend like u! I really wish i was there to help!


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