Thursday, July 26, 2012

Max Brenner, Sydney, Australia

Hello again! I'm so sorry about being gone! This last couple weeks, and the next few coming up have been and are going to be a whirlwind! Moving out of New Zealand, planning a trip to Australia, staying with friends for the last few days in Auckland, coming home, getting settled, and planning more trips to Graeagle, CA (leaving today), Portland, OR (going next week), and hopefully in September, going to Washington DC. It has been crazy, and is going to continue being crazy probably until we find a job, home and get settled into it. I apologize in advance for my sporadic posting. Thank you Heidi soooo much for filling in for me while I was out! But tomorrow morning I'm back again with Fresh Friday! Ok, now onto Max Brenner!

Oh man guys! We had so much fun in Sydney this last week! I'm not going to talk about the whole trip here, but I promise you will hear about more of the trip! This really was a food holiday, and let me tell you, Sydney is a food blogger's dream holiday spot! Please make it a point in your life that if you get the chance to go down under, you make sure to stop in Sydney and taste the food! It is fantastic! We went to so many dessert bars and we also went to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant! It was so amazing, and I want to go back already!

One of the dessert bars we made sure to stop by was Max Brenner, and let me tell you, you MUST go! It was so much fun, and the food was SOO good! I am sure you know this, but there are Max Brenner's in the USA too, so you don't have to make a trip 10,000 miles away to go! I am not totally sure of all the places, so feel free to share them in your comments if you want :)

It is such a cute little dessert cafe, and at one side it has all sorts of chocolates, baskets and other little goodies you can buy to take home. This was only one little section!

I must agree!

I loved all the signs and sayings they had splashed on the walls. This place had some real character. On the other side of the cafe was a big seating area, and you just go up to the bar and order what you want! So cute!

Here's the menu :) Ill show you individually what we ordered. You're going to die when you see how fabulous they all look!

This is called the Chocolate Dip, and it is served with fresh strawberries to dip with. Amazing how fresh they are, considering it is winter over there! And isn't the presentation just beautiful?! Just stunning! And even though its just melted chocolate, Mmmm is all I have to say!

Chocolate Souffle; their signature dish. And boy did it taste like it! Just beautiful, with hot fudgy, melty chocolate on the inside, and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Perfection!

And lastly, for "foods", this is the Exploding Chocolate Shot! Melted Chocolate Shot with pop rocks on top, served with gummy bears on the side! So fun!

And I just cant get enough of how perfectly imperfect things are! I love the dripping chocolate down the side. Really impressive presentation on all of the dishes.

To drink, Matt ordered the Hot Milk Chocolat (no I didn't spell that wrong ;)) in what they call the HugMug, perfect for holding on those cold days! It is shaped like a tear drop, so you can just cup your hands around it. And this was just amazing too.

And this is what I ordered. A Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappe served in the Alice Cup, with Drink Me written down it, to resemble the drink Alice drinks to make her smaller in "Alice in Wonderland" it was just so much fun! We ate and drank EVERYTHING on our plates, and here is a picture to prove it:

It was just too darn good! We wanted to be outside so I could get some good pictures, but we got cold (because it was/is winter there), so we moved to where the outdoor heaters were, and I took my Alice cup with me. That's why its not pictured here, but everything else, GONE! It was awesome guys and I hope you get the chance to visit one of their shops. Please share with me if you have, what you have had, or what you would get if you get to go :)

Here is the one we went to in Sydney:

Max Brenner, Sydney
Shop MG 24, Metcentre, 273 George Street NSW 2000,
Phone Number: +61 2 9251 7788

Please feel free to share any of your experiences with Max Brenner! And thanks for stopping by! See you bright and early tomorrow for another Fresh Friday post :)

PS, this is not a sponsored post, just sharing some things that I love!

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  1. I'm SO JEALOUS of your Max Brenner trip!! Wow, it looks amazing! I love that "hug a mug" haha so cute!! and YES you're so coming to DC in september!!! can't wait to see y'all!!

  2. Wow, amazing presentations. Everything looks stunning. Great to have you back in the States!

  3. This place looks and sounds amazing! I get a chocolate craving from reading your post. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I figured Sydney must be a great foodie place as I have come across blogs simply writing about their eating experiences in Sydney. Awesome you got to check it out. Maybe we can go sometime as well :)


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