Monday, July 2, 2012

New Zealand

Auckland CBD
As the time closes in on our move back to the USA, I have been thinking a lot about our time here in New Zealand. As excited as we are to move back home and be closer to family, there is no mistaking how wonderful life has been here. We have gotten to see and do so many things that many people will never get the chance to do. There is absolutely no denying that we were meant to come here, and as much as we feel it is time to move on and be closer to family, I have been enjoying reflecting on the beauty of New Zealand, and I thought I would share with you all what brought us here and share some of the experiences we have had.

This here is the reason we came to New Zealand. Matt had been applying for jobs once he finished school at; he called me one afternoon while I was at work, and wondered what I thought of him applying for an animation job in New Zealand. I said why not, both of us thinking that there is no way the company in New Zealand would want to hire someone in the USA. Lo and behold, they did! So we got married, got the job offer on our honeymoon, and three months later, up and moved our life 7,000 miles away from home. All for this job. Oktobor Animation, who does TV animation, working on shows like The Penguins of Madagascar and others.

Auckland. The "big little city", much like Reno, "the biggest little city in the world". Meant to be, I would say. When we first got here, naturally, we were very scared, but so many amazing things have happened since being here. This is where I discovered my passion for baking and cooking, and we have even gotten the chance to have family visit us over here. our families, who haven't had much traveling experience outside of the USA, have gotten to come see this beautiful place!

Matt's parents were the first to visit, and we went to Queenstown in the south island of New Zealand. I am telling you, if you ever get the chance to visit New Zealand, Queenstown is a must! Especially going into autumn and winter (which is opposite of the USA, it is winter now in New Zealand). It is just gorgeous!

Autumn colors, with Remarkables ski mountain in the background, Queenstown.

Carla, Matt, Justin, Gina
My brother and sister-in-law were the next to join us. We had a blast, doing what most young-ens would do without parents around...

And went zorbing in Rotorua, New Zealand,

Went luging in Rotorua. Or Matt, Justin and I went luging anyway. What Gina did can only be described as taking a leisurely stroll through the park :) We love you Gina.

And truly acted like a bunch of kids. Couldn't have been more fun!

My parents were the last to join us, and it was a perfect way to cap off family visiting. We went wine tasting in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand,

And were able to show them how beautiful and green this country really is.

Do you want to see more beauty of New Zealand? Well I'm going to show you anyway :)

Lion Rock, Piha, New Zealand.

Hunua Falls, New Zealand.

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.

I have never seen so many beautiful rainbows as I have seen here.

We got to be a part of the Rugby World Cup 2011 when it was here, and even got to go see a game!

We've seen some beautiful wildlife. This is a Tui bird, and this picture resides on my iPod case that Matt made me for Christmas.

And more wildlife. This is a Takahe bird, who lives on TiriTiri Matangi bird sactuary island. Another place I went with my parents.

What a stunning country. There is no denying this is where we were meant to be for the last almost two years. God took us on an incredible journey, and we are so excited to see where He takes us next. Less than four weeks now and we will be back on US soil, and we couldn't be more excited about that. We have a niece or nephew on the way, and we know that Matt will find the perfect job, or more correctly, that God will get us the perfect job, because He got us this job while we were on our honeymoon. We trust that God will take us on a journey to where we are meant to be, because that's all He has done for us in the last two years. We can only trust that it will continue, and we are so excited to see where it is!

I sure hope you continue joining me on this journey. Thanks for letting me share my experiences with you, and I also hope you get the chance to visit New Zealand sometime. If you do, please let me know so I can give you ideas of where to go! You wont be disappointed with anywhere you go!

Have a great week guys and see you back here Friday for the continuation of the Fresh Friday series!

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  1. Wow...New Zealand looks soo beautiful.
    What an amazing privilege you had to spend the last two years there :)

  2. You missed something!!haha The amazing friends that you made!! It really was an awsome journey and I am glad I meet you! You and Matu are great people and you deserved all the success and happiness! Be happy wherever you go and hope to see you on the summit!! Love u!! Besos

    1. Haha That is very true Sabri! We couldnt have done it without all of you guys! Miss you already :) But we will see each other again! <3 Besos

  3. I have to say that NZ was never on my bucket list. However, that being said, it was an amazing trip. Beautiful country, the most wonderful and genuinely friendly people there. In addition it has been such a blessing to watch you and Matt flourish your new marriage in a new country, a new culture, and a new lifestyle. You guys embrassed it all and did so well. I can't even begin to express the joy from a mother's heart to have experienced it all. Congratulations for all you have both accomplished and WELCOME HOME!

  4. Wow Carla! It's so funny you found me on Twitter earlier this week and I'm so thankful you did or else I would not have found your amazing little blog here. These photos are NZ are simply incredible. Ironically I've been dreaming about visiting NZ for awhile now and recently more so since, I watched al the behind the scenes footage of "The Hobbit. I'm spellbound by the breathtaking vistas and hope to visit. Honestly I don't know if I could go back to dry dessert, flat, Reno after living in such majesty.

    I'm sure you will miss it. How long were you there for?

    1. Haha I know it will be hard to go back to such dry, brown weather of Reno, but chances are we will end up in Cali or Oregon to settle. It will have been just under two years when we finally depart at the end of this month. We will certainly miss some aspects, and not miss other aspects of NZ ;) As always seems to be. But we wouldnt take any of it back, thats for sure! I am glad you came to my blog too! Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  5. holy crap..this is so awesome!! My coworker went to NZ for her honeymoon and I'm beyond jealous! What a gorgeous place and thank you for documenting this..I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUUUU <3

  6. Oh my goodness these pictures are awesome!! We had some friends who went there on vacation and loved it. Such a beautiful place and what memories you will bring back with you. Such a wonderful adventure!So glad that I discovered your blog.

  7. I love seeing all your adventures. So awesome! You guys are special people to have spent this time so far away - but you did you your family such a COOL over seas holiday! I wish we could have visited you guys over there! But we WILL vist u guys in the US and we will see you here in SA for a sunshine holiday! So much to look forward too! xxxx

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    Thanks for sharing this info !!!


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