Friday, August 10, 2012

Fresh Friday: Purple Green Smoothie

So far, Portland seems to be against us. We have heard so much about the people here being really kind, and while I am sure they are, I am also sure that we have met all of the people in Portland that are not nice. Let me explain.

On day five of being here, we were driving back from the Beach. It had been a really good day, but we were all tired from a day in the sun (there was four of us in the car). We were on the exit ramp of the freeway and coming up to a light that was green. At the last minute it turned red, so we had to stop pretty fast and a little bit into the crosswalk.

I'm sure you're thinking that we got into an accident. We didn't, thank goodness. But we also met someone we don't really want to meet again.

As I said, we stopped in the middle of a crosswalk, and there just happened to be a guy who was on the sidewalk getting ready to cross this same crosswalk we were stopped in. I was in the passenger seat and Matt was driving. I was not paying attention, and had no idea that this guy was there, but Matt did. This guy started crossing the street (on my side) and was headed straight toward our car. Matt was certain that he was going to just walk around the car, but oh was he wrong!

The guy walked straight up to my door and OPENED my door!!!!! Yep, seriously! He opened my door and proceeded to yell at us for "parking" in his crosswalk! Then he slammed the door and walked off!

The four of us in the car were stunned silent! Who would do that?!?! Needless to say, our car doors are locked from now on! I couldn't believe that had happened!

I wish that was the end of my tale. But no, it goes on...

As you know, Matt got a temporary job in Portland city, which is about a 15 minute drive from where we are staying with my brother and sister-in-law.

He was calling me after a long day's work, walking out to the car to come home, when he noticed the car was nowhere to be found! Mind you, I am on the phone with him when he is getting ready to tell me he was ready to just be home, and I asked how he was, and he said

"Not good! The car isn't where I parked it."

Of course. This would be happening. I was freaking out that it had been stolen, but Matt was worried that he had just parked in the wrong spot and got towed.

Thank goodness, it was the latter. Apparently, Oregon doesn't like seeing out of state licence plates, and ours is from Nevada, so instead of just leaving us with a couple tickets (which they did btw!), they also decided to impound it as well!!

Yep! So we met possibly the craziest person living in Oregon, AND managed to get our car impounded in less than a week. 

So would you say our Oregon trip is faring well for us? We will see... 

Lets talk smoothies. I feel better now that I got that out to the world, and feel ready to show you my smoothie recipe. I have been craving a smoothie since I found a blender tucked away in my brother's cabinets. I wanted to make a green smoothie, but it turns out that blueberries are just too dark for the green color of the spinach to shine through.

I dub thee smoothie, Purple Green Smoothie, since you are still getting the health benefits of having the spinach in there, it just doesn't appear to be a green smoothie :)

Purple Green Smoothie | Printable Recipe
makes 2 glasses

  • 14oz (roughly 2 cups) frozen fruit blend (I used mango, blueberry and strawberry mix)
  • 6oz container blueberry Greek yogurt
  • 1 banana cut into pieces
  • a large handful of fresh spinach leaves
  • a few good splashes of milk (I used non-fat)
  1. Blend in blender until smooth and there are no chunks.
  2. Serve right away and enjoy.
Source: adapted from Table for Two

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  1. That smoothie looks awesome honey! I wish I was there to try it :) Im really loving these Fresh Fridays. Im feeling like its time to get back into a healthier eating habit.

    As for Portland, haha well I think we just need to give it more time. Sure we've run into some bad luck, but we can do this honey! Plus, I wanted to mention that the kind man in the crosswalk (claiming it as his own) was unfortunately wrong. The cross walk was actually closed, so he shouldnt have been walking in it anyway hahaha! What can you do ;)

  2. oh my gosh!! that is so freaking scary!!! i would've probably punched him in the nuts or something :)

    can't wait to see you in september..i can't believe how close we are to hanging out and eating a ton!! get ready to have your yoga pants on! you should make these smoothies for us for breakfast before we chow on bad food the rest of the day hahah ;) love the color of this!

  3. Mmm look how good those smoothies look ;P

  4. OH my goodness Carla. Well I can tell you, my grandmother used to live in Oregon and for the most part the people OUTSIDE of Portland are rather nice. Unfortunately we were looking at moving to Portland once and all we heard was how rude the people in the NW were. They are becoming the new New York of old. They don't like outsiders and they are EXTREMELY HARSH and radically liberal.

    There are some great places to see there, including one of the biggest book shops in the nation.

    I love that Matt commented on your blog. He's such a sweetie.

    Also completely loving this smoothie. Will be keeping this one for sure.

  5. Ah man! I am so sorry that your start has been so difficult there! But i am sure things will be better this week :) How weird is that dude!?!??!?!?! Wow! Anyways - the smoothies look great - i may even try a green smoothie after all! They dont look green at all. I am loving your fresh fridays! XXXXX

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experiences! Things can only get better, yes? Green monsters always make for a good day!

  7. Looks very yummy! I should shift to more healthier food options as this and quit my junk food lifestyle!


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