Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peanut Butter

I am starting to realize that when I have a part-time job, I can no longer function enough to be able to stay on top of my blog more than once a week, let alone try and socialize with fellow bloggers via commenting on their blogs, facebook and twitter. I am really working on this! Can some of you bloggers that have full-time jobs on top of blogging hand out some secrets??? I could really use them!

I got a new KitchenAid food processor this past week FOR FREE (thanks to left over wedding gift certificates!!), and I was super excited today to get to using it finally! I was all ready to make a few different dishes with it (you may have seen them on instagram if you follow me - if you don't, well get on it! :P)

I have to give you a short back story... My parents and Matt's parents both live in Reno, about ten minutes apart. We still have things at both places, because we weren't able to move our entire lives to New Zealand, so things just stayed where they were (since we moved just three months after getting married). While we are staying with our parents in Reno, we are sleeping at my parents house, but in order for me to cook and blog during the day and Matt to also be able to work on some animation, we have to be at his parents house, because that is where his stuff is set up.

Now that we have that covered, we can get back to the story at hand.

I pulled my new processor out of the box today, washed and assembled it, poured in the peanuts, and hit "HIGH" to make my peanut butter.

Nothing happened.

I made sure the bowl was locked into place and that the lid was secure and locked, and even checked the blade inside to see if it was also locked in. I hit "HIGH".

Nothing happened.

I hit "LOW" and "PULSE", and "OFF" then "HIGH" and "LOW" and "PULSE" again.


I read the manual front to back, back to front, right side up and upside down, read each cover, and even attempted to read the Spanish part of it to make sure I was doing it right.

I couldn't figure it out!

I was pretty bummed that the ONLY food processor I bought happened to be the one faulty one! ERRRRG! In order to return it, I had to get my receipt... guess where that was... Yep, my parents house and we were at Matt's parents house. Of. Course.

So we went to my parents house, got the receipt and headed to BBB to exchange it (another ten minute drive). Told them I wanted to return the one and get a new one, and asked if we could test it in store so I didn't have to go back again if the second one was faulty. One of the clerks helped us set up the new one and we all made sure things were securely locked in place, hit "HIGH" and nope, nothing worked again!

Now we are concerned! KitchenAid doesn't normally put out bad products! That's why I bought it in the first place! They are a trusty company, so what is going on?!?

The clerk called TWO MORE people over! Ok people, when it takes five people to work a food processor, you know you have problems!

One of the clerks looked at it and said "Oh the lip on the lid needs to be locked into the handle.  It has a pressure sensor so it wont turn on without being locked in place." Locked it in... Pressed "HIGH"...

"Whiiiiizzzzzz" It worked!

OHHHH. My Gosh! I was so mad! Like I said before, I read that manual inside and out to make sure I had it right and nowhere did it say the lip needs to be locked into the handle! You wanna know my feeling???? Well I'm gonna give it to ya! Don't let there be any other way to put the lid on and lock it in place other than the ONE WAY that makes it work! There should only be one way to put the lid on if it has to be locked a certain way.

Once the user finally figured out how the processor actually worked, I was able to make this super yummy peanut butter and some other great recipes and it worked great! I really do love it, and I cant wait to see what else I can make with it :)

On another note, apparently I also need help figuring out how to use new kitchen accessories. Anyone want to volunteer to help?

I know you love Peanut Butter, and if you didn't know how easy it was to make, you are about to find out! Please try to make it today (if you don't have a faulty food processor, or a faulty user).

Peanut Butter | Printable Recipe
makes about 2 cups

  • 16 oz (450g) peanuts, flavor of choice (I chose Dry Roasted, Lightly Salted)
  1. Pour peanuts into food processor and turn it on HIGH for five minutes, or until it becomes a creamy texture like peanut butter.
  2. Store in an air tight container and use within a week or so. It may last longer, but be on the safe side :)

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  1. Ha ha - you make me laugh Carla! That is a funny story! :) Man! Oh well, u live u learn! I have never made home made peanut butter! Good for u! This looks awesome :)

  2. Oh my, what an adventure. This must have been some extra special yummy peanut butter with all the effort that went into it ;)
    I couldn't believe when my husband first told me that all you need for PB are peanuts. Since then I've been dying to try it.

  3. You make me laugh! I love your innocent adventures, but good thing we only live 10 minutes apart and you left out the part the BBB is another 10 or so minutes away. Love all your creations!
    These kinds of stories make for happy blog readers. We love to hear that you are REAL people. Keep them coming!


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