Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year + Vancouver Move

Happy New Year to you all! I realize that it is already a week past New Years, but since this is the first we've talked since then, why not wish you a belated one? So Happy New Year! Those holidays went really fast didn't they? I'm not sure how that happened! Actually, I do. I stayed quite busy during that time.

New Years always seems to come with resolutions don't they? Did you guys make any resolutions this year? Tell me them. I might want to add some of them to my short list of resolutions. You want to hear mine?
  1. Wear heels at least once a week. Were past the first week, and so far... that one is broken.
  2. Cook something new at least once a month. Cook, not bake. I almost always bake new things, but cooking is where I can and need to venture out a bit. So this one I do plan to keep.
  3. Don't move again for the remainder of 2013. Can I keep this one? I sure as heck hope so!
In case you haven't been reading my blog for the past year, Ill catch you up to what the last six months have been like.

In July, we moved from our home of almost two years in New Zealand back home to Reno, Nevada. We were there for a few weeks when we decided to take a trip up to Portland, OR to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We were there for a few weeks, went back to Reno for a few more weeks, and then back to Portland for just short of a month. We had a lot of our stuff with us this second time in Portland, but we were living with my brother. Finally, when it seemed like the jobs seemed stable enough for Matt, we took a chance and signed a lease for an apartment in Portland, so we could live on our own while still being close to family, especially our baby niece. Then, lo and behold, a few short months after signing said lease, Matt would get offered a job in Canada. Yep that's three moves since July. Phew!

So here we are now, less than six months after moving back to the USA from New Zealand, all moved into our new home in Vancouver, BC. It doesn't even seem real that this is what our life is like. I never would have thought when I married an animator, that it would literally take us all over the world. I thought we would move to California and that would be it. Then when Matt got a job offer in New Zealand, I thought we would be those people who spent some time oversees, but then spent the rest of their lives in California. Now? Well now I can no longer say we aren't world travelers.

Vancouver BC bridge
I will tell you this though. I have learned that you should never say never. Really truly. I honestly thought that I would never live away from the USA. And when we came back to the USA, I said I would never live in Canada (I promise I have nothing against Canada, I just wanted to be done living in other countries), and now here we are. I have a strong faith that God will lead our lives if we just put our trust in Him. That is exactly what my husband and I have done, and so far, He has not lead us astray. Not too many people can say they lived in three different countries in such a short amount of time. We are truly blessed and I cannot look over that fact. But that doesn't make moving to three different countries in this short time any easier.

I am going to be writing a blog post about moving to Vancouver, so people who might be making the same move can be a little bit more prepared. I hope that you all find interest in it, and I hope that I can help you if you are planning to move to Canada.

On the good side, we love our new place. If you haven't seen the photo of the kitchen on Instagram or Facebook, here it is again.

Yep, that's definitely my favorite room of the house. I cant wait to really get to baking in there! I haven't had much time yet, but I promise I will be there soon :)

We are fully unpacked less than a week into being in the place. We still need to put up decorations, but unpacked we are! I cant handle having jobs being half done, so seeing boxes laying around, I couldn't help but unpack them. I fully organized the kitchen cabinets and drawers today, and organized my props. Wow did that feel good. I finally found a place to put them out so I can see them, so I'm not digging around trying to find them in a plastic tote.

Anyway, thank you for the kind comments and well wishes on our move. I can safely say we are settled (well almost fully), and cross your fingers with me, and help us pray that we can stay here for a good amount of time. I really don't want to be doing another move for a while. I promise you I am getting back to work this week on the blog, and you will see a recipe up on Friday, and you will be seeing posts from me much more regular now. Sorry about my absence. I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did feel nice to have a short break. But I'm back and at 'em again! Looking forward to chatting more often again :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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  1. I adore your kitchen! Makes the move worth it! :) So glad you are *settling* in! I cant wait to hear about your cooking adventures! I think I should try the same! xxxx

  2. I am just as glad to hear you settled in well. It sure looks like a beautiful place and the kitchen is just gorgeous! Looking forward to see what you are going to create in it :)

  3. Excited to have you back blogging! Love the new place!

  4. So happy to see you back my love. Your number one fan will be reading along :)


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