Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthier Meal Planning Round-Up

After a week of practically inhaling less-than-wholesome cuisine such as airport food, Mickey-shaped soft pretzels, Mojitos upon Mojitos, and pizza from a non-Disney hotel restaurant, I can't even think about stuffing something unhealthy in my mouth.

Besides this past week of being in Florida (all bets are off when you get to hang out with Mickey of course!!), Matt and I have been trying to get healthy again. We were doing a pretty darn good job before taking a scheduled break of traipsing over Epcot with churritos in one hand and vodka spiked frozen lemonade in the other (or more correctly, in my purse to keep from being told to throw it away while standing in line for a ride).

Since the thought of eating another cupcake or those chicken nuggets from the burger stand in Hollywood Studios sounds anything but pleasing to me, I thought we could all take a look at the healthier options to eat, while I make a meal plan for the rest of my life. Talk about a needed detox!

I read somewhere that if you hate starting over, then stop quitting (I'm not sure who first said this), but that saying really hit me.

When we were living in Reno, we started going to a Crossfit gym, and absolutely fell in love with every aspect of it.

It's the one workout that you want to go back to despite how many times you feel the urge to throw up during the workout (or you DO throw up - sorry for that visual).

Crossfit gyms are uber expensive, especially here in Vancouver, so we have been unable to get back into the weight training aspect of it, but we have been recently doing a lot of body weight crossfit workouts, as well as using the tiny gym that we have in our apartment complex. And we are determined not to quit again, because starting over just sucks! Nothing else to it!

The thing about working out again, other than the occasional need to indulge, is that you tend to want to eat healthier too.

And that is the best thing you can do!!

I also learned back in college (when I was studying to be a Physical Therapist - talk about 180 degree switch huh?), that if you are trying to lose weight, it is 80% diet, 20% exercise.

A lot of cross fitters do Paleo diets, and while I think that is not a bad diet to stick to, it is not one that I want to take up (at least right now).

I would rather eat the things I love, incorporating a lot of healthy things into my daily regimen and eat everything I want in moderation.

That being said, I am bringing you a healthy meal planning round up from recipes that have appeared here on Carla's Confections. This is in no way a complete healthy meal plan, but it is definitely a start!

I would like to note that I do not have any fish recipes on my website (I know that needs to change!), but make sure that you try and eat at least one meal a week that has fish in it. Fish is SOOO good for you!!!


This Fruit and Kale Smoothie is definitely up there on the health factor.

It has frozen fruit (feel free to use fresh, but add ice to make it colder), chia seeds (soooo healthy for you), and other healthy ingredients. It is also very filling, so you won't need to eat for a while after drinking it.

BTW, you can click on the pictures to take you to the post it is talking about :)

This is by far one of my favorite breakfasts to have on hand. It makes for great snacks too. This granola is so easy to make, and it lasts a long time, so there is no excuse not to have some sort of healthy breakfast on hand.

I do admit that breakfast is one of my least favorite meals of the day, but knowing that it is also the most important meal of the day, I need to have something that I enjoy a lot, as well as it being healthy.

Make sure to eat this Heart Healthy Granola over some healthy yogurt and fruit to get all your nutrients in the morning.

Speaking of fruit, here is a really simple Fruit Salad that will go perfect with that granola!


Here is another healthy one that is super easy to make, and lasts a good long while, so you need to keep it on hand at all times. We are hardly ever without either the granola on hand or these Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Energy Balls. These make for the perfect snack during the day when you need some extra energy to get you through until lunch time.

Here is a healthier (emphasis on the "ER" part - and no I don't mean the emergency room!! lol) dip. Make sure not to go overboard on this one, but if you dip veggies such as carrots, celery or any fresh veggie of the sort in this Arugula and Walnut Pesto, it can give you a reason to get those veggies in your system. But considering this pesto has olive oil and Parmesan cheese in it, it could be considered a little less healthy. So proceed with caution, but again everything in moderation right?

These Cinnamon Apple Chips are a close to guilt free snack too! They do have a little bit of sugar, but not too much, so you can feel good about indulging in "chips"!

And another no-guilt chip snack.

Kale chips are seriously amazing, and another extremely easy one to make. Just make sure you dry the kale leaves well before roasting. You don't want them to burn too much, and water makes them brown.

As much as I cannot stand the photos in this post, it is absolutely one of my most popular posts on my site, and for good reason.

This easy Garlic Hummus without Tahini, is such a good dip to have on hand, to snack on, or use in place of mayonnaise on a healthy wrap. And since it is made sans tahini, it is cheaper and easier to make! Double bonus!


Here is a healthy pasta alternative for dinner. You can eat it vegetarian, or add baked shredded chicken to get your protein in there. But make sure to use whole grain or whole wheat pasta, so you get all the necessary nutrients that are missing from normal pasta. Skinny Veggie Pesto Pasta is one of the new staples in our house.

I know I link to this recipe a lot, but it is another one of those super popular posts, and I can't blame anyone for loving it!!

Kale and Broccoli Quinoa is a healthy vegetarian alternative for dinner, and with that quinoa, you are getting so many more nutrients than you would from regular pasta, and there is no lack of flavor in this dish either. I hope you make it and love it as much as we do.


Yep! I am even giving you excuses to eat some dessert while eating healthy. Moderation is the key :)

This Natural Strawberry Banana Ice Cream only uses fresh fruit to sweeten it, and the last ingredient is milk, which you can substitute it with coconut or almond milk and make it even healthier, so you have no excuse now not to eat healthy desserts!

And finally, here is one for the Vegan lovers! Again, this does have some added sugar, but all in all, it is one of the healthier desserts you can eat, especially with all those delicious apples, and whole wheat crust. We like this Vegan Apple Tart more than traditional apple pies too!

  • This is no comprehensive healthy meal plan, and you should find other foods to add into your diet to get added nutrients that you might not find here.
  • Make sure to add in one fish meal a week to get all those healthy fish fats.
  • Healthy eating in no way has to be boring! And don't feel bad about indulging once in a while. This act helps keep you going, because you don't feel like you are missing anything.
  • Everything in moderation and you will be good!
  • I am no expert, I am just sharing recipes and tips I have learned along the way and what works for me :)
So tell me, what are some of your favorite healthy meals?

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  1. Love this, Carla! (and totally want a few of those energy balls to pop in my mouth) :)
    I found this site when I was going to Europe last year and trying to fit in some CrossFit type workouts in a hotel without any weights. It's great for at home stuff too. :)

  2. 80% diet, 20% exercise - SO true! I love this round up. These are some of my fav posts from your blog (probably because my blog is soooo stuffed fulled of sugar and butter! ;)I am dying to make the no bake energy balls, such a cool thing to pop into Shane's work lunch box too!

  3. I love this all Carla! After last week, I definitely need not just a detox, but a whole new game plan. I'm starting with that smoothie. Commmeee to mama!

  4. What a great post! Everyone needs to start over sometimes. I know about the whole not quitting thing, but really for me it's pretty un-realistic to think that's not going to happen. For me it's all about starting over with diligence! Thanks for the reminder!


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