Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Assorted Nut and Seed Healthy Quinoa Granola

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day.

I would much rather eat an early lunch than to have breakfast.

I am aware I have issues.

If I am going to have breakfast though, It needs to be something really tasty, easy and healthy. This granola makes me want to have breakfast every day :)

I am sharing the recipe for this granola over at Texanerin today.

She is out having the time of her life in the USA, so I am sharing the recipe for the breakfast that I do eat over on her site today to help her out while she is having fun :)

Head on over to get the recipe for this Assorted Nut and Seed Healthy Quinoa Granola on Erin's website :)

And while you are there, tell her Happy Birthday! I forgot to mention it in my post over there, so I am saying it here. Happy Birthday Erin! Hope you are having a blast in the USA!!!

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  1. tasty, easy, and healthy - that's what my breakfasts need to be as well! And I love quinoa granola so much. I have to try this!

  2. I love an easy, nutritious granola like this! Such a lovely recipe for my morning meals!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kristi! Its actually my recipe on Erin's site, but Erin is pretty great and does have awesome recipes doesnt she???

  4. love how easy and filling this is!! quinoa is awesome for that!!

  5. I love adding quinoa to granola!

  6. I can't believe I'm just now reading this. How awful am I?! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and thanks again for this lovely post and recipe! :)

  7. Well, eat delicious things for breakfast to jumpstart the day. Its a nice habit.


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