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Hi there! My name is Carla (I know, shocker!) and I am the face behind this blog. I know you don't see my (real) face too much since my avatar is the face on all my social media sites, but I promise there is one. I am so glad you stopped by, and I hope you'll grab a cup o' Joe and stay a while :)

I am 25 years old (until June 2013 anyway) and married to an animator who takes me all over the world. He is such an amazing man of God, and the most perfect husband. He is currently working at Sony Pictures Imageworks, so we are living in Vancouver, BC. In the short time we have been married (July 2013 will be 3 years!) we have lived in Reno, Nevada (our hometown), Auckland, New Zealand (so beautiful!), Portland, Oregon, and now Vancouver, Canada. You could say our life has been a little crazy. It is not the life we had envisioned for ourselves (really, we never thought of ourselves as world travelers), but it is the path God has taken us down, and we have so many cool stories from it all, so I wouldn't change it for anything.

I started this blog in early 2012 as a place to share my baking adventures with anyone who would listen (at the time, it was my mom, husband and a few others). I wanted to share them over the Internet, because we were living in New Zealand at the time, and we didn't have any family around to physically share the recipes with, so this was another way to share them. I was having my hubs take pictures for me, and occasionally I had an aspiring pro-photographer and friend Nicole take them. I had no desire to learn at the time, and only started taking my own photos when Matt or Nicole were nowhere around me and I needed the photos taken before they could be around. I have a lot to learn, and now I do have the desire to do so.

I am lucky enough to not have a job outside of blogging, so this is my number one job and passion. I absolutely love baking, and have recently begun to really enjoy cooking as well. Baking will always be number one, but it makes me happy to cook a new recipe and it be a hit as well. I love to write (can you tell? My posts are usually long- and I apologize for that ;) ) and photography is the probably not the last hurdle I need to overcome!

I do take all of my own photos now, and although they are not always perfect, they are my babies (until we have children of my own- then they will just be my blogging babies), and I would appreciate it if you ask to use my stuff first, including any part of my blog. Please feel free to use my recipes, as that is why they are there in the first place, but if you are publishing them on the web, please write it in your own words and be kind and link back to my original recipe and photos. Please don't steal my photos, as I would never take yours. I work really hard on my blog, and I take a lot of pride in it. Please don't dumb it down by stealing anything. Thank you.

Do you really have pink hair?
  • Yes! I really do have pink hair (well one large streak of pink hair anyway). It came from Halloween a couple years back. I wore a pink hair wig and a lot of people told me I actually looked good with pink hair and I should make it permanent. I thought an entire head of pink would be a bit overboard, but why not a streak or two? I have had a few hairstyles since I put the pink in, but the pink has stayed. Its now an icon of my blog. If you are thinking of doing something with your hair, just do it! Its only hair after all and it'll grow back, or you can always dye over it :) If not now, when? 
Are all the recipes your own?
  • All of the recipes I post on my blog are either my own, adapted from recipes I love but want to add my own touch, or a recipe I loved and had to share (written in my own words). But those recipes that I adapt or share from another website, I make sure to link back to the original recipe and give credit where credit is due.
What do you hope to gain from this blog?   
  • Well that is a great question! Thanks for asking :) I want you as the reader to enjoy reading my blog and using my recipes. I love getting comments saying a person cannot wait to try my recipe. That is such a huge compliment! I hope to continue learning everything I can about baking, cooking, etc and want to be able to develop my own recipes so one day I can have my own cookbook.
Do you sell any of your baked goods?
  • No, not typically. I have tried that, and although it was nice to have a little extra income, it wasn't worth the effort I was putting into it. I cant usually take pictures of the stuff I sell because it is on such a deadline, and if I don't take pictures, it cannot go on the blog. On top of that, when I am selling my stuff I want it to be perfect (as well as when it goes up on the blog), and I cannot guarantee that all my recipes will be perfect (by the way, if it is not an amazing recipe, I wont post it on the blog, so don't worry there), therefore I try not to put that kind of pressure on myself. That being said, if you live close to me (or work with Matt), you will be getting a lot of my treats for free. I try not to eat too much of my baking, because, well, then I would be 300 pounds, and that's just not sexy ;) Also, if you have a special request, please at least contact me about it, and I can either work something out, or recommend you to someone or a place I trust. 
Do you have any formal training?
  • There is always something to learn with all of it, and I am so willing to learn. I would never call myself a professional baker, cook, writer or photographer. In my spare time, you will likely see me reading cookbooks, photography/Lightroom 4 user guides, and other blogs attempting to learn as much as I possibly can about the topics. There is nothing to be gained if you aren't looking to learn the next thing. I hope to never stop learning, and I welcome critiques (as long as they are nice), so please feel free if you have some knowledge you would like to share.
 What camera/lens do you use?
  • When we moved to New Zealand, our families purchased a Nikon D3000 for us to use and take photos of our new beautiful living environment with. It is not the best DSLR out there, but it is more than sufficient for a beginner photographer like me. I will most likely upgrade at some point, but there isn't a reason to at this point. I have it fitted with a SIGMA 17-70mm f/2.8 macro lens.
How do I get in contact with you if I have a question or want to follow you on other social medias?
  • I love comments, and getting emails from readers, as well as having you follow me on social media! Please feel free to do so at any of these places :) And thanks again so much for stopping by! I hope you'll stay a while, and come back again

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  1. Hi Carla! I just stumbled across your blog and must say that I LOVE it! You have one delectable recipe after another - and your photos are truly beautiful!! I have never made homemade donuts before, but I see that you have quite a lot of recipes for them. It may be time for me to try them out :) keep doing an awesome job!
    Allison, thebakingyear


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